Product of the week – 100 litre CEMO diesel trolley

Cemo diesel Fuel Trolley

For some of our customers, being able to refuel their machinery or vehicles wherever they may be, either out on the fields or within their workshop of warehouse is an essential part to the smooth running of their business.

German manufacturer CEMO produces a wide range of portable fuel tanks and fuel trolleys that are trusted all over the world for their durability, high quality engineering and ease of use.

We sell portable fuel tanks and trolleys suitable for petrol, diesel and AdBlue®. They also have a trolley that can be used for screenwash and antifreeze.

Today we’re going to focus on one of our best selling CEMO fuel trolleys, a 100 Litre Diesel trolley. This trolley is popular for many reasons, firstly it is relatively light and can be lifted safely by 2 people onto a pick-up truck and transported to various locations without too much trouble.

The two wheels mean once it is on the ground it can be wheeled easily by one person to the required refuelling location.

There are several different variations of this product available, each has a different product code.

Please quote this code when ordering this fuel trolley (call us on 01508 493647 or select from the options on our website) CEMO10160 (£507.00) is the standard diesel fuel trolley, this model comes with a hand pump and can be used without any external power source.

The CEMO10610 (£485.00) is an electric version, this comes supplied with a Electric Pump CENTRI SP30 battery and an automatic shut off nozzle. This is the same type of nozzle that you’ll see on the garage forecourt that once the tank is full, the pump will stop dispensing. It’s a great way to avoid any spillages.

Finally we have another version of the 100 litre diesel trolley, CEMO10611 (£621.00 ex VAT) that together with the battery and auto nozzle also includes a battery charger too.

Features Include
• 100 litre container with sturdy high density polethylene construction
• Filling cap with breather valve for smooth flow
• Integral carry handles, grip and nozzle holder
• 4m electric cable
• Recessed construction for placement of carry straps
• Sloshing baffle

Please note that the dispenser is not bunded. Capacity 100litres (22 gallons)
All variations of this diesel fuel trolleys are available to purchase on our website here > 

All CEMO products are delivered free of charge and depending on stock availability can be with you in 1-2 working days. If you require any further information on any of our portable fuel tanks or trolleys, please call us on 01508 493 647.

We keep our prices as low as possible, but if you see any CEMO advertised cheaper on another website let us know and we will TRY to price match where possible. Alternatively email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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