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Revolutionising Flood Protection: Introducing the Wavian Storm Bag

Flooding has become an increasing concern in the UK, with recent years seeing a significant rise in flood events due to changing weather patterns. Traditional sandbags, while effective, are cumbersome and labor-intensive. Enter the Wavian Storm Bag—a game-changer in flood defence technology. Key Features Benefits Pricing Available in packs of 25 for £175.00 (£210.00 including[read more…]

Now Available – Wavian Screw Top Fuel Cans: Replacement Screw Cap

Metal Fuel Can

Introducing the Must-Have Accessory for Wavian Screw Top Fuel Cans: Replacement Screw Cap We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products to meet their fuel storage needs. Do you have a perfectly good fuel can but have lost the screw top? Don’t worry, from today it is now possible to buy our[read more…]

Last 3 hünersdorff 5 litre fuel cans available at a special price

If you’re in the market for a high-quality fuel container, the hünersdorff 5 litre plastic fuel can is an excellent choice. With only three remaining in stock, it’s a popular product that has received great feedback from customers. The fuel cans are available in three stylish colours: black, natural, and green