Wholesale Solutions

Wavian provides comprehensive wholesale solutions for premium fuel cans and water containers, offering reliable and durable products designed for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preparedness, and industrial applications alike.

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Discover Quality With Wavian

  • Product Range: Wavian offers a diverse range of high-quality fuel cans and water containers in various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different industries and applications.
  • Wholesale Pricing: Wavian’s wholesale solutions provide competitive pricing for bulk orders, making it cost-effective for retailers, distributors, and businesses to purchase large quantities of fuel cans and water containers.
  • Customisation Options: Wavian offers customisation options for wholesale orders, allowing businesses to tailor their fuel cans and water containers to their specific branding and packaging requirements.
  • Logistics and Distribution: Wavian facilitates efficient logistics and distribution channels for wholesale orders, ensuring timely delivery to customers worldwide.

Global Delivery

Wavian utilises robust logistics networks and strategic partnerships to efficiently ship large wholesale orders of fuel cans and water containers around the world, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


Plastic Fuel Cans

When buying plastic fuel cans in bulk for wholesale purposes, businesses can benefit from cost-effective solutions, streamlined logistics, and access to a reliable supply of high-quality containers, ensuring efficiency and profitability in their operations.


Water Containers

Purchasing water containers for wholesale purposes offers businesses the opportunity to meet the growing demand for clean and reliable hydration solutions, providing quality products for outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness, and industrial applications.


Steel Fuel Cans

Steel fuel cans for wholesale purposes empowers businesses with durable and dependable storage solutions for the automotive, agriculture, and construction, while ensuring longevity, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards, enhancing operational efficiency and customer trust.


5 Year Guarantee

All Wavian branded jerry cans come with a 5-year guarantee, a testament to their premium build quality and impeccable finish, ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting durability for customers.


Customer Care

At Wavian, our dedicated customer service team is committed to providing exceptional support and assistance to our wholesale partners.