Wavian Jerry Can Safety and Quality Standards
Quality is paramount when it comes to the safe handling of flammable liquids. There are huge differences in the performance, safety, and usability of our Jerrycans when compared to some of the cheaper, lower quality Jerrycans that have not been made with correct breathers and locking caps.

Manufacturers tests prove that our Jerrycans are much more robust, leak-free and longer lasting, as well as being able to empty at a higher rate than many other brands of Jerry Can. This applies even when our Jerrycans are fitted with our bespoke pouring spouts.

We make sure that our Jerrycans do not leave customers frustrated by poor design, resulting in a poor fluid flowing, breakages and safety issues. Our Jerrycans carry the appropriate safety certificate embossments as they are tested to UN Approved Standard and our Wavian Jerry Cans all come with a 2 year guarantee.

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Our Jerry Cans are manufactured to the highest standards for military and motorsport use.

Wavian Quality information

Pictured above: 
The cutaway shows our wide and robust vent which allows smooth, fast and “glug-free” pouring. The inside of the can is also painted and lined to be completely rust proof.

• All of our Jerrycans are made from 0.9mm pickled steel (the strongest on the market!) 
• To prevent internal rusting, all of our cans are lined petrol resistant,alkyd-ammonia basedpaint – 100% safe from flaking  
• External powder coating gives anti-corrosion protection and a smooth finish 
• The unique wide channel breather enables ‘glug’ and splash free pouring – Our 20 Litre Cans will empty in 25 seconds! 
• Strip welding ensures handle strength  
• Robust Triple Handle. This allows the can to be carried easily by two people at once when full  
• Special holes drilled in the handle enables our pouring spouts to be attached 
• Bayonet closure is completely leak proof with the can in any position 
• UN number approval certifies compliance with Dangerous Goods Transportation Regualtions 
•  Date stamp on cap – shows year/month of production  
• Internationally Patented Locking Pin gives additional security against accidental opening of the can

Click below to download the spec sheets for our Wavian Jerry Cans
5 Litre Wavian Jerry Can
10 Litre Wavian Jerry Can
20 Litre Wavian Jerry Can

Manufactured to the highest standards for military and motorsport use, and tested to comply with:Australian Standard – AS 2906Sweden Standard – SPGerman Standard – TÜV/GSDangerous Goods Approval – UNWavian Jerry Cans are designed with childproofing in mind and feature a sturdy bayonet clip cap. 

This is designed to stay shut during transit, reducing the risk of leaks and also features a pin for additional safety.Although the bayonet clip is hard wearing and robust, like the rest of the Jerry Can, repeatedly opening it the wrong way may cause stress and eventually deterioration of the clip.

Here are some useful information videos to help use our Wavian Cans.