When it comes to Fuel Cans, Orange is the new Khaki

20L Wavian Red Jerry Can

Once upon a time people would use a certain colour fuel can for a certain type of fuel. Traditionally it would be Green (Khaki) to store Petrol and Yellow to store Diesel. 

There’s no doubt that the 20 Litre Steel Khaki fuel can is by far our most popular seller (closely followed by the black) but we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of other colours in recent times and one colour in particular has been proving to be a big seller. 

Our Wavian 20 Litre Steel Fuel Can in Orange is eye-catching, distinctive and the bright colour makes it highly visible in the shed, warehouse or garage. 

20 Litre Fuel Can in Orange
20 Litre Wavian Orange Fuel Can

Because these cans use a different colour paint than normal, the costs in setting things up at the factory are slightly higher so the price of these cans is slightly higher than usual. Please note these cans are only available with a Bayonet fitting, so if you are looking to purchase a spout to go with your Wavian Fuel can please select the spout from the options on the product page. 

The cans are also currently only available in 5 & 20 Litre sizes. We also have a number of other ‘limited edition’ fuel cans, have a look here for the whole range > 

Limited edition fuel can colours include Blue, Orange, Chrome & White and we also have some non-Wavian camouflage fuel cans too.

For more information about these fuel cans or any part of our range of high quality steel fuel cans and accessories call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net for more information. 

Wholesale enquires. If you are looking to purchase a larger number of high quality fuel cans we would be happy to give a lower price depending on your requirements and for retail customers we can also set up an account. Call us on the number above for full info. 

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