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Save £5 on Fuel Can Combos

For some people, purchasing a fuel can is a bit like buying a washing up bowl or a bucket. They don’t really give it that much thought and just want something that is cheap and can be thrown away when they’ve finished with it.

Other (clever) people see a fuel can like a tool from their toolbox. If you buy a Jerry can that is of a high quality construction it will last longer, be easier to use and in the long term it will also actually save you money.

We’ve seen a big increase in customers who take this philosophy and trust the Wavian brand for its reliability and long life. A really good way to look after your fuel can is to purchase a Jerry Can Holder. This can be attached either to your vehicle or inside you workshop to keep your can safe and secure. By purchasing a padlock (not supplieD) it is possible to keep the can locked up, particularly useful if children have access to your space or if you keep it on the back of your open truck.

10 litre Wavian fuel holder with spout & Wavian fuel can

Up until 1st July 2019 we have a special promotional offer allowing £5 off all of our Spout / Holder / Fuel Can Combos including our 10 litre holders and our Premium front loading holders. To save money just enter the code COMBO at the checkout and we will deduct £5 from the price.

premium fuel can holder, 20 litre fuel can and spout

The discount code is available for a strictly limited period and we reserve the right to remove the offer at any time. If you have any questions about any of our fuel can combos or associated Jerry can or AdBlue® products, call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net (not available with any other promo codes).

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