Wavian Quality Fuel Cans

Wavian Quality Information

Since we first began in 1996, Green Valley Supplies has been very proud to sell only the finest quality fuel cans and associated products. We established pretty early that it was better for us to establish good working relations with customers in order for them to come back and order from us again.

Over the last 20+ years we’ve grown a lot. Now we have a network of happy customers all across the UK, Europe, the Far East and the US. These businesses purchase our Wavian brand of steel fuel cans because they know they can rely on the same quality every time.

Wavian steel fuel cans (jerry cans) are available in 5,10 & 20 litre sizes in a variety of colours.
They also feature the following.

Date Stamp on the Cap
Patented Locking Pin
Bayonet Closure
Powdercoated Body
Holes for pourer clip
0.9mm steel
Wide breathing channel
Petrol Resistant internal paint
UN Certificate Number
Strip Welded Handles

For more information about the safety aspect of our fuel cans, visit our dedicated safety website www.fuelcan.net
To purchase our classic 20 litre Wavian Steel Fuel Cans click here >

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