Be Prepared: 20 Litre NATO Water Container

20 Litre Nato water container

Luckily in the UK we’ve never had to experience the sort of extreme weather conditions that the US (especially Florida & Key West) and Caribbean have had to endure in recent weeks. For the people affected the recovery process is only just beginning and for these people their current issue is not only rebuilding their homes and lives, but surviving on a day to day basis.  

Our US distributor has seen a huge increase in demand for our containers by organisations offering aid and relief to the affected areas. With power lines are down and communications challenging there is also a shortage of clean water and without a decent container to store the water in, things can be very tough.

Our most popular water container is the heavy duty, high quality 20 litre (4.25 Imp Gals) NATO water container. This is the same water container that is supplied to the MOD and NATO organisations for aid relief all over the world and it has saved many lives. For more information and to purchase these high quality water containers, click here

Pricing is as follows (correct as of Sep10th 2017) 
£25.85 single
£73.80 Pack of 3 
243.00 Pack of 10 (free delivery)

Height 46.5cm / Depth 33.5cm/ Width 17.5cm
Weight: 2 kgs 
Product Code: NSN: 7240-99-120-7251
Model: JC0020WCGV
Free delivery on orders over £75
Available in Black (shown) or Green

Please note our steel fuel cans have a special lining suitable for the storing of petrol and diesel and are NOT recommended to store fuel in. For more information on this visit ‘What fuel can do I need?’

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