New Fuel Can Safety Information

Fuel Can Safety

The most visited pages on our fuel can website are the ones that give important safety information on legally safely storing fuel (petrol and diesel) and the blog posts and videos regarding how to open and close a Wavian Jerry Can.

We decided that it would be a good idea to have a dedicated mini-site where all the information could be viewed clearly and concisely. Now if you visit you’ll find all the safety information to use a high quality Wavian fuel can safely. As we sell a lot of fuel cans in French territories we’ve also used Google translate to include the safety information in French too. Trés Bien!

Green Valley Supplies are the number one supplier of high quality fuel cans. Our Wavian brand is known all over the world for quality, strength and durability. For customers looking for large amounts of our Wavian fuel cans contact us on or call +44 1508 493 647 and ask about our wholesale service.

We are also a major supplier of plastic fuel cans, water containers, large fuel pumps and trolley, in addition to our other business supplying AdBlue® liquid to businesses across the UK.

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