Nato Approved 20 Litre Water containers (continued).

Over the last month we’ve seen a huge increase in sales of our NATO approved 20 litre water containers. Many are going to our wholesalers who are shipping over to the US and Carribean in the wake of the recent Hurricanes.

The 20 litre Nato water containers are being used to help victims of the disasters to store clean, fresh water while the basic services such as electricity are down. 

These 20 litre containers are available in black and are strong, but lightweight (2kgs). Their size dimensions are as follows, Height 46.5cm, Depth 33.5cm and Width 17.5cm The NATO Stock number is 7240-99-120-725. Black in colour, the containers are available individually or in packs of 3 or 10. 

Current price (correct as of 28th September 2017) is £243 for a pack of 10 including free delivery. 

20 Litre Nato Water Container

They are also a really excellent solution for caravan and camping expeditions and many of our customers also use them in the catering industry on food stalls, trucks and in pop up market places. 

For larger orders of these high quality NATO approved water containers, give our office a call on 01508 493647 or email 

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