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How Long Will Tap Water Last In A Plastic Container?


The longevity of tap water stored in a plastic container depends on various factors, including the quality of the container, environmental conditions, and how well-sealed the container is. Generally, tap water stored in a clean, tightly sealed plastic container can remain safe to drink for several days to a few weeks. However, if the container[read more…]

Water Containers For Camping: Let The Journey Begin!


Ah, the great outdoors! The realm where man and machine tackle the elements head-on, where nature’s challenges await the bold and adventurous. But amidst the roaring engines and rugged terrain lies a crucial element that often gets overlooked: water. Yes, water – the elixir of life, the liquid gold that sustains our very existence, especially[read more…]

Water Storage Adventures For Campervans


In the world of campervans, water storage isn’t just a practical necessity—it’s a game-changer. Picture this: you’re out on the open road, miles away from civilisation, and you’re feeling parched. That’s where a well-designed water storage system comes into play, ensuring you’ve got a refreshing drink on hand whenever thirst strikes. But it’s not just[read more…]

How To Clean Water Storage Containers


Water storage containers play a crucial role in emergency preparedness, sustainable living, and ensuring access to clean water in various contexts. Whether for households, communities, or disaster relief efforts, having adequate water storage capacity is essential for mitigating the impact of water scarcity, natural disasters, or infrastructure failures. Properly stored water can serve as a[read more…]

Why Water Storage Containers Are Your Emergency Lifeline


Imagine this: disaster strikes, plunging your world into darkness. The familiar hum of the refrigerator fades, replaced by an unnerving silence. Panic might rise as you reach for a glass of water, only to be met with an empty faucet. In these moments, when the very fabric of normalcy unravels, having a reliable source of[read more…]

Back in Stock – 20 Litre NATO Water Container (Black)

Back in Stock - 20 Litre NATO Water Container (Black)

We’re pleased to let you know that these popular 20 Litre NATO Water Containers are now back in stock and available for immediate dispatch. Order before 12pm for next working day delivery. The containers are very popular and have a wide range of uses, the most popular as you may expect is to store water[read more…]