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In addition to being one of the strongest and toughest fuel cans on the market, Scepter fuel cans, can also be used for a wide range of other things. A quick scan of YouTube and you will find a decent selection of videos of people doing just that.

One that caught my eye was this video by Baptism Overland.

A pressurised water container is useful for many things, eg, if you have a campervan it can be used for a shower or or at the beach, cleaning the sand off your pets (and yourself) or mud when the weather isn’t so good. For a relatively small amount of money it can be a really useful things to have around.

Please ensure you never over pressurise the fuel can. Doing so could cause the can to explode and be extremely dangerous.

Similar items to the ones he used can also be bought on Amazon UK, please double check all the fittings are compatible before ordering.

Rubber tube
O-Ring clamp
Short water hose

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