How much fuel can you buy in a fuel can? Sainsburys

Filling up at sainsburys

One of the things we get asked about more than anything is regarding how much fuel you can legally put into a fuel can at a garage. We have a dedicated page that carries a lot of the fuel can legal information on our website here. However, you will find that depending on the garage or forecourt you fo to there is likely to be one variation or another of the legal position.

I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at a few larger garages / supermarkets and give some information to our customers as to their current guidelines.

Filling up at sainsburys
petrol regulations – sainsburys

The first one we are going to look at is Sainsburys. I visited the Sainsbury’s garage on the Longwater Park in Norwich on Sun28th March 2019 and here are there rules as with regards to how much fuel you can dispense into a fuel can. This is most likely to be the policy across all Sainsbury’s fuel stations and as you can see it pays to buy a decent steel fuel can.

Petrol Cans Must be marked ‘Highly Flammable’ – (All Wavian Steel Fuel Cans have this embossed into the can).
Plastic Containers which hold no more than 10 litres
Metal Containers which hold no more than 20 litres
2 containers per customer in a combination not exceeding 30 Litres in total
Containers must be placed on the floor while filling.

Incidentally, these regulations are for PETROL only, there is a sign on the pump about Diesel and when I asked at the counter the assistant wasn’t sure of the exact guidelines, but thought they were the same as the petrol ones.

There are slight anomalies to the rules, for example in theory you could fill up some cans and go back 30mins later and do the same thing again. There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions regarding how many visits you can make in a day or any specifics about spouts etc.

For further information visit our ‘how much fuel’ webpage here >or call us directly on 01508 493647 or email formore info.

£27.30 (£32.76 inc VAT)
£27.30 (£32.76 inc VAT)
£27.30 (£32.76 inc VAT)
£23.00 (£27.60 inc VAT)

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  1. Albert Smith says:

    Refused to be served at Sainsburys yesterday wanting to use 2 x 10 litre plastic cans for Diesel. I was told they were not the approved type.

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