Back in stock 20 Litre Khaki Wavian Fuel Cans

Some good news for all the purists out there. After several large orders, we were taken a bit by surprise and were temporarily out of stock of our most popular and iconic fuel can, the 20 Litre Wavian Khaki.

Its strong, solid construction, combined with a tried and tested design that has been pretty much unchanged for the last 50 years has meant that this has fuel can has been our most popular seller for many years.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our fuel cans and our customers buy them because they are the best.

Not all fuel cans are the same. You can see a video below on the difference between a good (Wavian) fuel can and a bad fuel can.

We also sell a wide range of fuel can accessories, such as ‘smart spouts’, fuel can safety labels and fuel can holders in addition to a full range of plastic containers from hunersdorff, Rhino Cans and empty AdBlue® Containers.

Talking of AdBlue®, if you are looking for large quantities at a low price head over to our dedicated Adblue website where we offer high quality, low priced bulk AdBlue® in 1000 Litre IBC’s and 210 Litre drums.

Should you be looking for large quantities of fuel cans, feel free to call us on 01508 493 647 or email and we will be very happy to give you a delivered price.

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