Updates to our computer systems

As you may have seen in our regular weekly delivery status update, this week we are undergoing some technical changes in our computer system that will benefit all our customers in the future.

*** Hooray! The updates have now been completed ***

We are really trying to minimise disruption, but to make sure expectations are realistic we wanted to let you know that there is a chance that orders made this week could have a longer than usual fulfilment time. We have set this delivery time currently to a maximum of 7 working days, but we will be looking closely at this figure in the next day or so and in reality we expect it to be a lot less than this.

We thank you for your patience in this period and you can be rest assured we are working flat out to make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions regarding delivery you can email us on sales@wavian.net or call 01508 493 647 and we will be very happy to help. 

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