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I’m sure most people are aware of our position as the leading UK wholesaler and retailer for high quality steel fuel cans, but did you know that we also have another successful business selling AdBlue® liquid in the UK?

From our website we sell a range of AdBlue® products including pumps, hoses, nozzles and of course, the liquid itself directly to the public (and in bulk to buying groups and larger organisations).

Our most popular products are the 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC and the Adblue starter kits – these include everything needed to get you up and running with Adblue, quickly and economically.

What was very important for us was to make the buying process as simple as possible, so for this we got rid of the usual deposit for IBC’s – the way we see it is that if you’re happy with our service you’ll buy another one from us and we’ll just replace the empty one next time.

Also our pricing is very clear – there are no hidden extras to pay and delivery and VAT is included in all purchases. We also have the skills and knowledge to advise on your best requirements as we know that when it comes to AdBlue® many of our customers only realise they need it when the warning light starts flashing on the dashboard!

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