20 Litre White Wavian Fuel Cans now in stock

It will be all white on the night

20 Litre white fuel can

We’re a bit out late to use White Christmas as a title to this blog post, so as we enter into March and the snow seems like a distant memory we had to come up with something different to let you know about these very cool 20 Litre White Wavian Fuel Cans now in stock.

Everything about these cans is completely identical to the usual high quality 20 Litre Wavian Fuel Can, except (obviously) for the colour. In fact if you want to know why Wavian Fuel Cans are so good and the difference between you can have a look at the video below for all the answers you need.

Personally I think the white colour fuel cans are very cool and they definitely stand out of the crowd. They white fuel cans are strictly limited edition and we only have a small amount of these cans available so if you want them, buy them now. It may be some the before we have them back in stock again. In fact we also brought in some blue 20 litre fuel cans at the same as the white ones and these have already gone.

For more information on bulk pricing or to sell Wavian Fuel Cans as a wholesaler please get in touch with us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net.

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