Scepter Fuel Cans & Marine Fuel Tanks Now In Stock.


Scepter fuel cans and marine fuel tanks now in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

We are very proud to announce that we now have our first shipment of Scepter products delivered to our warehouse and available for immediate dispatch. Scepter are a fantastic manufacturer and we are excited to be an authorised seller of their high quality products and to further enhance the brands excellent reputation here in the UK.

We’ve already seen orders coming in for a range of items and we expect some of their products to become big sellers. In the coming weeks we will be looking at the individual products in more detail, but I thought it would be good to give a brief overview of some of their key items.

Fuel Cans – 5 & 10 Litres
If you’re looking for an every day fuel can that can be used both at home in the garage or out and about in your vehicle these 5 & 10 Litre fuel cans from Scepter are an excellent consideration. Supplied with an integral spout, they are strong, lightweight and easy to use. There is also a very useful combi-can featuring 2 separate containers

10 Litre Scepter Fuel Can
5 Litre Scepter Fuel Can
Fuel / Oil Combi Fuel Can

Military Fuel / Water Cans – 10 & 20 Litres
When it comes to heavy duty plastic fuel cans, these 10 & 20 Litre cans by Scepter are definitely up there with the very best. When quality is your only consideration we have no hesitation in recommending both the 10 & 20 Litre drab grey fuel cans.

These are the same fuel cans used by the US military for both fuel and water and they are extremely tough and well made. These cans are also available in a pack of 4 (at a reduced price) and we are always interested to hear from any wholesalers looking to purchase these fuel cans in bulk amounts.

10 Litre Drab Fuel Can by Sceptre
10 Litre Military Fuel Can by Scepter
20 Litre Military Fuel Can by Scepter

Marine Fuel Tanks (various sizes)
These fuel tanks are used in a wide range of nautical vehicles. Scepter make some of the best portable marine tanks around, such as the 11.4 Litre (3 Gallon) Neptune Portable Marine Tank. Another product already proving popular is the inexpensive 53 litre (14 Gallon) Duramax Wheeled Gasoline Container, designed for maximum portability and convenience.

25 Litre (6.6 Gallon) OEM Choice Portable Marine Tank
45.4 Litre (12 Gallons) Rectangular Portable Marine Tank
53 Litre (14 Gallon) Duramax Wheeled Gasoline Container

In addition to the key products we will also be stocking a range of the most common accessories from Scepter, such as spare replacement caps, spouts and fittings to connect every kind of tank to every kind of engine.

This is just a short introduction to the Scepter brand and as mentioned before we will be covering all the products in more depth on this blog as soon as conditions allow us.

If you require any further information regarding Scepter products or any other the high quality fuel cans and accessories for sale on this website (or our sister website call us on 01508 493 647 or email

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