20 Litre Khaki Jerry Can – A Design Classic

A bona fide design classic, the 20 litre Wavian Jerry Can in Khaki has a number of features that ensure it stands out from rest. The steel Jerry Can / Fuel Can has changed very little in design since the Second World War and Wavian is known throughout the industry for quality and reliability. 

Wavian Quality Information
Wavian Quality Information

Each Wavian Fuel Can goes through stringent tests to ensure that every one delivered to a customer is in absolute perfect condition. 

Every can features.
* A Date Stamp on cap
* A patented locking pin
* Holes to allow a flexible or rigid Jerry Can Spout to be directly attached to the can.
* The cap closes by use of a clever bayonet design to stop any leaks.
* The exterior of all cans is covered with a powder coated material, while the interior of the can features a special petrol resistant paint that will not rust.
* All cans are stamped with a UN certificate number to confirm that it complies with all necessary safety regulations.
* Triple handed – this allows the fuel can to be easily carried by two people

Wavian Jerry Cans are designed to ensure a ‘glug’ free operation when used with our spout. 

When you see all the care and attention that goes into the making of every single Wavian Jerry Can you can understand why we have so few returns and why our customers find them so easy to use. Our Wavian designs are also available in a variety of colours, Red, Black and limited edition White and Blue and also in 5 and 10 litre sizes. 

To purchase a 20litre Khaki Jerry Can visit www.jerrycans.co.uk/20-litre-khaki

View below a safety video on how to correctly open and close a Jerry Can.

We also have a dedicated website that is full of safety information regarding the safe use of our Wavian Jerry Cans Visit www.fuelcan.net (also available in French)

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