Screw Top Fuel Cans (video)

Everyone is familiar with our world renowned Wavian Steel Fuel Cans with a bayonet fitting, however we recently launched a new range of screw top fuel cans which combine the strength and reliability of the traditional cans, but with a convenient screw top lid.

Screw Top Fuel Cans

The cans are available in the following sizes and colours.
5 Litre screw top fuel can (Khaki & Red)
10 Litre screw top fuel can (Khaki & Red)
20 Litre screw top fuel can (Khaki & Red)
We also have several screw top spouts to fit >

We’ve created a short information video regarding the screw top fuel cans which is available to view below and on all the relevant product pages.

Screw Top Fuel Can Information Video

The cans feature a clever magnetic screw top which can be attached to the can when not in use. An invaluable feature that means you won’t lose it or get it dirty.

For more information on any of our screw top fuel cans or in fact any of our products please feel free to call us on 01508 493 647 or email We especially welcome wholesale enquiries.

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