Save money on Explosafe fuel cans.

For situations where safety is of the upmost importance, you can’t do better than choosing Explosafe fuel cans to store your fuel in and right now we have a special offer on our 20 Litre Yellow Expo-safe fuel cans enabling you to save 20% when purchasing more than one.

The offer is for a strictly limited period. No voucher codes are necessary and the discount will be applied automatically to your order.

Special offer only on the 20 Litre Wavian Yellow Explo-safe fuel cans when purchased in quantities of 2 or more.

More about our Wavian Exlposafe fuel cans
The Explo-Safe fuel can has all the safety features of our classic Wavian Jerry Cans with the addition of an innovative aluminium mesh inside the can. This incredibly fine honeycomb structure takes up just 2% of the cans volume, and serves to dissipate heat within the can so that the fuel inside the can will not ignite explosively in the unlikely event of it being exposed to sparks or naked flames.

20 Litre Wavian Fuel Can (explosafe)

Suitable for the storage of petrol and diesel. Not suitable for water storage. 20 Litres = approx 4.39 Gallons.

Features Include:
• Powder coated rust-resistant exterior paint
• Interior Rezol enamel lining prevents rust
• Leak-proof bayonet cap with locking pin
• Extra wide breather valve for a fast, smooth pour
• Filled with aluminium foil mesh, which absorbs heat and prevents explosion risk

Weight: 4.3kg
Dimensions: H 470mm L 165mm W 345mm

Price before discount £52inc vat. Price after discount £41.59inc vat when purchased in a pair or more. For more info on this offer or if you require further assistance email or call 01508 493 647

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