Save 10% on Fuel Can Combos


We always like to keep things fresh and offer our customers excellent products and great value for money all year round, but occasionally we also run time specific promotions on certain items too.

Currently we have a new promotion offering 10% off the total price of a Fuel Can Combo (consisting of a Fuel Can (10 or 20 Litre), Spout and Fuel Can Holder. Not all fuel cans are in the offer, this is because not all the fuel cans we sell (eg our site can) will fit exactly into our holders. However Explo-safe fuel cans and our Premium Jerry Can Holder are included. In order to receive the discount simply add a Spout, Can + Holder combination to your basket (click here).

Fuel Can Combos - 10 Litre Fuel Can with Spout and Holder
Fuel Can Combos – 10 Litre Fuel Can with Spout and Holder

Just make sure you remember to purchase the right size holder for your fuel can and the discount will be applied automatically at the checkout page. The offer is valid on one set of holder, can and spout combos and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions.

The Fuel Can Holders come with all the holes (not screws) necessary to attach them to your vehicle or garage wall. They can be fitted vertically or horizontally and with the use of a padlock they can also be securely locked. 

Premium Holder with Screw Top Fuel Can + Spout

20 Litre Holder with Bayonet Fuel Can & Spout

For more info on these or any of our high quality fuel cans and accessories, plastic containers or AdBlue® containers please call us on 01508 493 647 or email At this current time our office staff are mainly working remotely, so it is possible you will get a much quicker reply by emailing. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Key Workers and NHS staff who continue to work so hard in this current time. #Staysafe. 

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