Replacement Rhino Spout Kits

We’ve been selling Rhino Fuel Cans for a long time here at Green Valley. Alongside our high quality Steel Wavian fuel cans we think Rhino produce a great can that, if properly looked after, will last for a long time. We did notice however that we were getting more and more calls from customers who were delighted with their old Rhino Can, but for one reason or another had lost the spout and/or the lid for the fuel can.

Because of this we are now happy to say that we now also sell a Rhino Can spout and screw lid that will fit onto any Rhino Fuel can, saving you money on buying a brand new can.

Our Rhino Can replacement spout and screw lid kits are priced just £4.99 and are available to buy here 

Please note these lids are not suitable for our normal Wavian Steel Fuel Cans.

*** Latest News *** 

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