Product of the week: Chainsaw Combi Can

Chainsaw Combi Plastic Fuel Can

Do you take two fuel containers into the woods? Now you can just chop and go.

Apologies for the bad pun, but this fantastic Chainsaw combo fuel can is one of those great products that sometimes doesn’t get the amount of attention it so rightly deserves. The Chainsaw combo fuel can solves a very simple problem and does it beautifully.

An absolute must for tree surgeons and agricultural engineers, the fuel can has two separate compartments, each with its own separate cap – the first one is a 5 litre fuel compartment and the other a 2 litre compartment that most professionals use for chainsaw oil.

Combi Chainsaw Plastic Fuel Can

If you are using a chainsaw in your work the combi can does save the hassle of carrying two cans around all the time, not to mention it also saves the cost of buying two cans too. The can is made from a strong, hardwearing plastic that will stand the test of time and is covered by all the usual UN safety recommendations.

Product Information 
Weight: 1.25kg Product Code: JC001CC
*Current price as of March 20th 2018 – £21.25
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