New Steel & Plastic Fuel Can Combo (limited time offer)

It’s hard to not feel like everything is a bit surreal at the moment. Our current circumstances mean the way we are living now is something we could have never imagined even just a month ago.

It can be extremely challenging to keep calm and healthy at this time especially if you are not used to be being at home all day and night. Keeping busy is extremely important to stay both mentally and physically strong and many people are this time as an opportunity to do all those things that they never normally get a chance to do.

Steel Fuel Can

All those little domestic jobs – Cleaning the plughole, disinfecting the bin, hoovering that bit down the side of the chair in the car you can never reach properly. You know the sort of thing. It’s actually very therapeutic to do these things and throughout history in times of troubles, great minds philosophers and thinkers have sought refuge in these seemingly mundane tasks as a way to preserve their sanity.

Sowing the seeds

16th-century French philosopher Montaigne made peace with the human condition not through music but by growing vegetables. “I want death to find me planting my cabbages,” he wrote. 200 years later Voltaie would write Candide and in the closing lines ponders “We must cultivate our gardens”.

The reality is that we could be confined at home for quite a long time. If you do have a garden, now is an excellent time to plant seeds and grow your own vegetables and herbs. Sarah Raven’s article here is an excellent starting point on where to begin on turning part of your garden or even a small patio into a self sufficient, organic allotment of delicious and healthy produce.

You’re possibly wondering what this has got to do with Jerry Cans? Well many of our customers are proud gardeners, grounds-persons and lawn perfectionists. For them only the best will do when it comes to the fuel can they use for their lawn movers, petrol trimmers and rotivators.

We like to think that Wavian Fuel Cans are the best you can buy and many gardeners see a high quality fuel as an essential item in their shed just like their spade and secateurs. Our cans will last much longer than a regular can. They have a special internal rezol lining that prevents rust and the design is based on the original 3 handled ‘Jerry Can’ that’s been used for many years. Our Wavian brand is trusted by councils, government agencies and military all over the world.

Best of Both Worlds

Steel & Plastic Fuel Can Combo

We realise that not everyone wants a steel fuel can for all occasions and sometimes a smaller plastic can will do the job, eg if you want a spare emergency fuel supply in the boot of your car. We’ve teamed up with hünersdorff, a trusted German supplier of high quality plastic containers and fuel cans and put together a special steel and plastic fuel can combo consisting of one 20 litre Steel Wavian Fuel Can and one 5 Litre Plastic hünersdorff fuel can. Normally these plastic fuel cans are available only in larger packs from us, but during the current crisis we have decided to sell these together.

You can leave one can in your car for emergencies and another can for the garden tools. This is now available for a strictly limited time period and we are limiting the offer to just 4 cans per order (2 steel / 2 plastic).

Please note our office staff are currently working remotely, so in order to receive a quick reply please email us at rather than calling.

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