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Jerry Cans – To Russia with Love

Two Brothers – 10,000 miles – all for charity. We’re proud to be sponsoring brothers Tom and Steve Mannering on a 10,000 mile Mongol car rally to raise money for the cancer charity Macmillans.

The pair plan to start in London and end up in Ulan Ude in Russia, not too far from East Mongolia – their vehicle of choice, a 2002 Suzuki Swift is perhaps surprising and even more surprising is the decision to bolt a bath to the roof of the car.

I’m not sure if this is a way to collect water as they drive or an attempt to take some home comforts with them on the journey, but I’m not convinced they’ve completely thought things through.

We wish the brothers the best of luck anyway and we’re sure their quality Wavian Jerry Cans will come in very handy along the way.

To read more about the brothers’ adventure of a lifetime and donate to their cause click HERE >

You can also follow their adventures on Catchusifyoukhan on Facebook 

To purchase one of the same high quality Jerry Cans to be use by the Brothers visit our Jerry Can shop.

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