Important safety considerations when using a fuel can

When it comes to using any kind of fuel can, safety has to always be the number one priority. Fuel is highly flammable and especially when a fuel can has been kept in high temperatures it is always absolutely essential to be cautious when opening and using a fuel can. Many people don’t realise that a build up of static electricity can be quite dangerous and can potentially ignite fuel vapour coming from the flowing petrol.

Here are a few important safety considerations to remember.  



Always take the fuel can out of your car or truck and put it on the ground about five feet from your vehicle before filling.


Always touch the metal on your car to discharge any static on your body before using a fuel can.


Keep the fuel nozzle in contact with the fuel can while filling and fill slowly to reduce static electricity.


Remember to only ever fill a fuel can 95 percent full to allow for expansion.


Finally always be sure to replace the lid or cap of your fuel can after filling

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