Stock updates 23rd Oct

We’ve replenished our stocks after a busy couple of months and the following items are now back in stock. The following items are now available to purchase directly on our website. For large wholesale orders call us on 01508 493 647 or email

10 Litre Steel Jerry Can – Yellow
Product code: JC0010YV & Khaki
Product Code: JC0010KV

Features Include:
• Powder coated rust-resistant exterior paint
• Interior Rezol enamel lining prevents rust
• Leak-proof bayonet cap with locking pin
• Extra wide breather valve for a fast, smooth pour

Weight: 4.3kg
Thickness: 0.9mm
Dimensions: H 275mm x W 165mm L x 345mm
D Approved & Certified UN Dangerous Goods Approval
Australian Standard: AS 2906
Sweden Standard SP
German Standard TÜV/GS

Unlike many other brands, Wavian Steel Jerry Cans are made to the highest possible specifications and are designed to last for many years.

20 Litre Steel Jerry Can – Chrome
Product Code: JC0020CRV

Our world famous steel Wavian fuel cans are built to the highest quality, with a number of unique features which set them apart from cheaper alternatives including a more robust construction, a wider breather pipe and a corrosion resistant lining. Suitable for the storage of petrol and diesel.
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10 Litre Wavian ExploSafe Jerry Can – Yellow
Product Code: JC0010YEX 

The Explo-Safe fuel can has all the safety features of our classic Wavian Jerry Cans with the addition of an innovative aluminium mesh inside the can. This incredibly fine honeycomb structure takes up just 2% of the cans volume, and serves to dissipate heat within the can so that the fuel inside the can will not ignite explosively in the unlikely event of it being exposed to sparks or naked flames.
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Spare Safety Pin for Wavian Jerry Can
Product Code: SAFETYPIN 

This steel safety pin is designed to fit our Wavian Jerry Cans only. Please note – The safety pin is manufactured with a slight bend in order to function correctly. This is not a fault.
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