Green Valley Industrial Supplies: Great value all year round

At Green Valley Supplies we have a commitment to our customers to always offer excellent value for money all year round. So when it comes to Black Friday we are a bit stuck what to do.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our Wavian products (check out our Wavian Quality page) and the quality of the manufacturers we partner with too. It is true that you may be able to find similar (lower quality) fuel cans on the internet for a cheaper price, but they probably won’t last as long or be as reliable as our products.

You can see from our reviews that we are a trusted supplier of high quality steel fuel cans, plastic fuel cans and plastic water containers and they we have many satisfied customers. The problem we have is that this quality comes at a price. Our cans are more expensive to manufacture, so our every day prices are as pretty much as low as we can go without losing money. However there is some good news, we do offer a number of ‘workplace deals’ where purchasing in bulk can offer you good savings on a wide range of items.

Have a look at some of the offers below.

We also have introduced a free delivery option that means if you spend over £135 on products then we won’t charge you for delivery. This is particularly helpful for the large number of businesses that have been ordering from on in light of new protocols and health and safety guidelines since the start of the pandemic.

So we hope you don’t think we’re being mean by not offering any Black Friday deals, it’s just we know you would prefer to have good value for money all year round.

For more information about any of our Wavian Fuel Cans or other products email or call us on 01508 493 647. If you are looking for a large amount of cans we would love to hear from you.

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