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Visit our new AdBlue® website: WavianBlue

I’m sure most of you are aware that we are the UK’s largest distributor of high quality steel fuel cans, but you may not know that we are also a leading supplier of low cost, high quality AdBlue® liquid. We’ve just updated our website to make it easier to order and to get everything you need.

WavianBlue – www.wavianblue.com

For many people the word AdBlue® has little meaning, but for if you own a relatively modern diesel car or vehicle you will know about it.

What is AdBlue®?
AdBlue® is also known as AU32 or Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5% it is a highly purified colourless liquid used with Selective Catalytic Reductions (SCR) systems in vehicles to lower the output of oxides of nitrogen (CO2) expelled from exhausts.

In other words it is good at reducing the CO2 emissions of a vehicle that is fitted with the system. One thing to remember is that AdBlue® should never be put in directly with the fuel. There is always a separate tank for AdBlue® and mixing AdBlue® with diesel will be very bad and very expensive to put right.

Bulk AdBlue®
You will often see smaller bottles of AdBlue® in garages and sometimes even in Supermarkets and we do sell smaller sized 1.5, 10 & 20 Litre containers of AdBlue® in pallet quantities, however our main business is supplying larger amounts of AdBlue®, either in 210 Litre AdBlue® Drums or 1000 Litre Adblue IBC’s. If you just have the one car or vehicle that uses AdBlue® you probably won’t need to buy a larger container, but many of our customers who run a number of vehicles that use AdBlue® can save a considerable amount of money when purchasing in bulk.

No Hassle
We try to make the ordering process as easy as possible. We don’t charge a deposit for the IBC’s (simply order another when you’re finished or tell us to come and collect it) and the price you see is the price you pay. We also have a great selection of AdBlue® accessories, pumps (electric and manual) and for new customers we have some excellent value for money starter kits that include everything you need to get going. Ie some AdBlue® and a pump.

When ordering an IBC we just need to make sure you have access to a fork-lift truck for delivery (we can tell you when we are delivering) and we generally try to make the whole thing as painless as possible.

WE know you’ve got a million other things to do, so worrying about AdBlue® shouldn’t be one of them.

For more info, visit our brand new AdBlue® website www.wavianblue.com. If you have any questions call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net

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