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Fuel Cans – Back to Basics

5 litre plastic fuel can for sale

It’s an obvious thing to say, but people tend to use fuel cans for a variety of different reasons. Of course, most of them tend to feature fuel and a fuel tank, but there is something we’ve learned from years of selling high quality fuel cans that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to a fuel can and the different sizes, shapes, strengths, safety features and materials that are available, choosing the right one for you can sometimes be a difficult job. 

Luckily we are to help. Our team are always on hand via our phone line 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net to suggest and recommend the best fuel can for your requirements. For example if you are using the fuel can on a daily basis in an industrial capacity alongside machinery and other hazard situations you may decide to choose a steel explo-safe fuel can. These are manufactured for us especially with a special mesh inside the can itself that will help to prevent the fuel igniting should for any reason it becomes near a source of ignition. Because of the special material the cans are slightly more expensive, but the extra safety benefits may prove to be invaluable in certain situations. 

20 Litre Red Explosafe
Explo safe fuel can – close up

It may be that you have a petrol lawn mower and a few times over the Summer you brush off the dust and take it for a trip around the garden. If this is the case we definitely recommend one of our classic 20 litre Steel Wavian Fuel Cans. These have a special internal rezol lining that prevents rust from forming in the inside of the can and polluting the fuel. Especially if it has been there a long time since you last used it. 

Don’t put water in a fuel can

10 Litre Empty AdBlue® Container

At this point it is probably a good idea to point out that our fuel cans are designed for just that, fuel. Storing water or other liquids in a Wavian Fuel Can will actually break down the rezol lining and cause it to flake off. It’s very scientific and all to do with the different properties of fuel, but suffice to say that if you want to store other liquids we recommend using one of our plastic water containers, such as this 22 litre Water Container with tap, or even these 10 Litre AdBlue® Containers, that are designed to store AdBlue®, but as long as they are clearly labelled and washed out, can be used to store most liquids including oil etc. They are especially popular with catering companies and food trucks where they need to store things safely and securely on the move. 

On the building site

Many of our customers are building firms who lets say tend to have a more blasé attitude when it comes to Fuel Cans. They like cans that are cheap, tough and can withstand a battering in the back of the van and still do the job like a pro day after day. For those type of customers we have created a special pack of 4, 20 Litre ‘site cans’. These cans are not Wavian branded, but have the perfect blend of affordability, strength and ease of use. They are available to purchase in black, green and now red. 

20 Litre Steel Fuel Can - sitecan

For more information on these Steel ‘Site’ Fuel Cans click here. 

In the car

Of course many people just need a small, portable, strong fuel can to sit in the back of the car, just n case that worst case scenario happens and you find yourself out of fuel and a long way from the nearest petrol station. For these types of situations we recommend these 5 litre plastic fuel cans form Hunersdorff. A nice feature about these cans is the child safety lid. Similar to how a medicine bottle works the lid needs force to down in order to open. These cans are available at a special low price in in packs of 5. Watch the video below.

Wholesale fuel cans

Finally it is probably worth mentioning  that despite our large retail range, we are actually predominantly a wholesaler of fuel cans with many years experience, so if you’re looking to add the Wavian range of fuel cans to your catalogue get in touch for our special wholesale prices. Visit our wholesale section here or get in touch for more info. 

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