Fuel Cans back in stock now!

As petrol prices continue to soar in the UK we’ve seen a big increase in orders over the last few months. With the war in Ukraine and soaring prices in the UK it’s understandable people are investing in a high quality fuel can that will last them for many years of trouble free use with so much uncertainty around.

We sell thousands of fuel cans every year and the only problems we get is from people using them to store water (not recommended as water reacts with the lining of the can) and some people buy a new jerrycan seal after 5 years or so to keep the lid airtight.

We have had a few items out of stock recently and you’ll be pleased to know these are now back in stock! If would like to know more about Wavian Quality click HERE or watch our video on “The difference between a good fuel can and a bad fuel can” below.

Back in stock!

If you would like any assistance or advice before ordering your fuel can call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net

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