How to attach a Wavian Smart Spout to a Wavian Fuel Can

Some things are obvious, but only when you know how to do it! We put this quick video together for our US distributor in order to show them how the Wavian Smart Spout works in practice. It shows Simon (our boss) attaching the Wavian Smart Spout to a 10 litre Wavian Fuel Can and filling up a lawnmover with fuel. It shows how quickly the tank can be filled and best of all, no glugging!!

The spout isn’t currently available to purchase in the UK, we made it specially for the US because of the different legal requirements when purchasing a fuel can, but we would definitely be interested in hearing from any UK wholesalers that would like to know more information about stocking this excellent product.

You can call us on 01508 493 647 or email for more info. Look out for more videos on our dedicated YouTube channel HERE.

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