Electric Charging Stations – Now Available

Launching today, Green Valley is introducing a range of electric charging stations and associated equipment available now on our website here https://www.jerrycans.co.uk/electric

The core product are the EO Charing Stations, available in 3 different specifications. Using a universal 1 is a Type 2 socket, these chargers are suitable for all types of electric vehicles & are eligible for the OLEV Home & Workplace charging grant.

EO ‘Basic’ – Electric Vehicle Charging Point 

This electric vehicle charger is suitable for a regular domestic power system Approx. charge time 7.2kW (3hr charge).

EO ‘Genius’ – Electric Vehicle Charging Point 

Like the ‘Basic’ the ‘Genius’ is suitable for a regular domestic power system with the additional functionality to connect to a EO Hub (EV.HUB not supplied) allowing you to control your vehicle charging from a mobile app or the cloud and monitor your electrical usage.

We know a lot of customers will be looking at electric vehicle solutions for their work environment so another brand new product for us is the EO ‘Genius’[3PH], this charger works on the more powerful 3 phase unit (22kw) and depending on the model, can charge your car from empty to full in less than an hour.

EO ‘Genius’ 22kW [3PH] – Electric Vehicle Charging Point 

We also sell a range of electric charging cables, an electric charger safety tester kit, stainless steel aluminium posts (single and double) and additional software licences for the Over the coming weeks we will be exploring these products in more detail and supplying specific information on ‘how to apply and receive the OLEV charging grant’ for both domestic and business use, but in the meantime you can download our PDF here > 


For more information on electric vehicle charging and to see our new range of products visit www.jerrycans.co.uk/electric

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