What’s your favourite colour Fuel Can?

When it comes to the correct colour fuel can for your needs, traditionally a red coloured fuel can would have been used to store petrol and a black fuel can was used for diesel. You’ll also find people who use(d) a black fuel can for oil and a green for unleaded.

Some people use a yellow can for kerosene and others use a black or red fuel can for either ‘in-road’ or ‘off-road’ fuel. Officially there are no rules as such and there is no legal obligation to store fuel in a particular colour can. It’s up to you. However if you are working for an organisation and they have a particular system with regards colour-coding it goes without saying that it is a good idea to keep to this system.

We also recommend labelling your cans so they can be identified quickly if there is an emergency. While we’re on the subject you might also be interested in our range of Transguard fuel can containers, these can keep your cans secure and also add another layer of protection in the event of a fire.  To help with classification we do sell a range a fuel can stickers and these are a useful way to make sure people know what kind of fuel you are storing in any particular fuel can.

Our most popular fuel can is the classic 20 Litre Khaki Green Wavian Can(check out our instructional video here). In recent times we’ve seen a growing trend for people to buy our custom colour cans in bigger numbers and a very popular item in our range now is the 20 litre camouflage fuel can

This is especially popular with survivalists and many people buy these cans with a Jerry Can holder and attach them to their land rovers or jeeps (or 4 X 4’s). We also have some pretty cool Orange fuel cans and for the ultimate in chic we also stock some awesome white 20 litre fuel cans too.

If you’re looking for large numbers of fuel cans we have an extensive range of products available at wholesale prices, just give us a call on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net and we’ll be happy to help.

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