Did you know we also sell AdBlue® Liquid?

Many of our fuel can customers are wholesalers who buy large quantities of our high quality fuel cans and then sell the fuel cans onto their customers. By buying in bulk we are able to offer discounts on many of our Wavian products. 

IBC AdBlue® 1000 Litre

Speaking of buying in bulk, you may or may not know though that in addition to being the UK’s largest supplier of high quality steel fuels cans we also have another successful business selling bulk quantities of AdBlue® liquid. You can visit our sister website here for more info >

What is AdBlue®?
When used with a SCR (selective catalytic reductions) system in a vehicle, AdBlue® reduces the amount of oxides of nitrogen (CO2) expelled from exhausts.  In short it means your diesel car is cleaner and better for the environment. AdBlue® isn’t something you hear a lot about generally, but many commercial diesel vehicles and cars use the system and large quantities of AdBlue®.

How much can vary from vehicle to vehicle and in the way you drive too. As a general rule of thumb it is thought that for every 100 litres of fuel a vehicle fitted with a SCR system uses it will use approx 5 litres of AdBlue®. The AdBlue® goes into a separate tank on the vehicle and must never be mixed directly with the fuel. This can cause serious damage to the vehicle. We have a blog over on our www.wavianblue.com website that has lots of information about the world of AdBlue® and the most popular product we sell to our customers is a 1000 litre IBC of AdBlue®.

Do you use AdBlue®?

As of 11th September 2018, the price is £300 ex VAT. This includes delivery to mainland UK (some more remote locations may encounter an extra deliver charge). We make things easy to order and we don’t add any hidden fees either. 

If you have any questions regarding AdBlue® please call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavianblue.com 

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