10 Litre Empty AdBlue® Containers

October has been a busy time for us here at Green Valley Industrial Supplies and some of our best selling items were even more popular than ever. That led to us being caught somewhat on the hop and out of stock of our 10 Litre AdBlue® (Empty) plastic containers.

For the uninitiated AdBlue® (or DEF, diesel exhaust fluid as it is known in the US) is used to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles fitted with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Thankfully we now have to 10 Litre Empty Adblue containers back in stock and the 20 Litre version should be back with us very soon. 

The cans can also be used for other liquids and one nice design feature about the integral spout is that it is housed in a recess within the can itself. This is an ideal place to keep it when not in use. 

Incidentally you may or may not know that we have a sister website www.wavianblue.com where we sell the AdBlue® liquid in bulk quantities. Our prices are very low (currently as of 22nd Oct £300 ex VAT inc delivery for a 1000 litre IBC full of AdBlue®). We like to make ordering as simple as possible and we don’t charge a deposit for the IBC either. 

For more information on our EMPTY 10 Litre AdBlue® containers visit here >
For more information on our bulk AdBlue® liquid visit our other website www.wavianblue.com 

If you have any questions about either call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net
Prices correct of 22nd Oct 2018 and subject to change without notice.

2 thoughts on “10 Litre Empty AdBlue® Containers

  1. C says:

    I’ve picked up a couple of empty 10L Adblue containers from shell. They were just lying on the ground at the forcourt and the till staff let me take them away. My intention is to store gasoline in them for home storage. Will this be possible? Are these plastic containers suitable for gasoline long term storage?

    • Green Valley Admin says:

      Thanks for the question. We always recommend using strong steel containers or heavy duty HDPE containers for long term storage of fuel.

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