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10 Litre Construction Site Fuel Cans – Now Available

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We realise that our customers love the Wavian brand for its sheer quality and reliability. It’s a fact that we receive very few returns and our customers are some of the happiest out there. You can read reviews from verified buyers HERE to see just how much they love our products.

Moreover, we also understand that there are many considerations to be made when purchasing a fuel can. What do you need it for? Will it be used every day? Does it need to survive the rigours of transportation or the outside elements? All these things can contribute to the decision-making when purchasing a new fuel can.

Of course, another aspect of purchasing a fuel can is the price. Wavian Fuel cans are the best of the best, but for customers who are working on a smaller budget, a few years ago we introduced ’20 litre Site Cans’. Additionally, Construction Site Cans are not manufactured by Wavian, but they do have a very similar specification to our Wavian Cans at a slightly lower cost. We call them ‘Site’ Cans as they are an ideal workhorse for the building site.

Recently, we’ve seen these ‘Site Cans’ becoming more popular and so we now have in stock a range of 10 Litre Site Cans. Available in 3 colours: red, green and black the cans are shaped differently to our 10-litre Wavian Fuel Can, and are more closely in common with our 20-litre Wavian fuel can shape.

Red Site Can 10 Litre
Green Site Can 10 Litre
Black Site Can 10 Litre

Out Top 10 Safety Points For Fuel Cans On Construction Sites

Safety is paramount on construction sites, especially when handling fuel cans. Here are some essential safety points for using fuel cans in a construction environment:

1. Designated Fuel Storage Area

  • Establish a designated and well-ventilated area for fuel can storage, away from heat sources, open flames, or electrical equipment.
  • Clearly mark the fuel storage area with appropriate signage to alert workers to the presence of flammable materials.

2. Proper Labeling

  • Clearly label fuel cans with the type of fuel they contain to prevent accidental misuse.
  • Include safety instructions and emergency contact information on each fuel can.

3. No Smoking Zone

  • Strictly enforce a no-smoking policy in and around the fuel storage area.
  • Clearly mark designated smoking areas away from flammable materials.

4. Training and Education

  • Provide comprehensive training to all personnel on the proper handling, storage, and transportation of fuel cans.
  • Ensure that workers are aware of emergency procedures in the event of a fuel-related incident.

5. Ventilation

  • Use fuel cans in well-ventilated areas to minimise the buildup of vapours.
  • Avoid using fuel cans in confined spaces without proper ventilation measures.

6. Static Electricity Precautions

  • Ground fuel cans during the filling and pouring process to dissipate static electricity.
  • Avoid filling or pouring fuel in windy conditions that may increase the risk of static discharge.

7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Require workers to wear appropriate PPE, including safety goggles and gloves, when handling fuel cans.
  • Ensure that PPE is in good condition and replaced when necessary.

8. Emergency Equipment

  • Keep fire extinguishers, emergency eyewash stations, and first aid kits readily available near the fuel storage area.
  • Ensure that all workers are familiar with the location and proper use of emergency equipment.

9. Regular Inspections

  • Implement a routine inspection schedule for fuel cans to check for leaks, damage, or signs of wear.
  • Remove damaged or compromised fuel cans from service immediately.

10. Fire Safety Measures

  • Keep firefighting equipment, such as fire blankets, accessible in areas where fuel is stored or used.
  • Conduct regular fire drills to ensure that workers are familiar with evacuation procedures in the event of a fire or fuel-related emergency.

By implementing and consistently enforcing these safety points, construction sites can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and promote a secure working environment when using fuel cans.

Fuel can safety on a construction site

Fuel Safety Starts with Wavian: Unrivaled Quality For Construction Sites!

In the demanding world of construction, where safety is non-negotiable, Wavian stands tall as your trusted partner for top-tier fuel cans. Here’s why Wavian offers the best quality fuel cans tailored for the construction industry:

Robust Construction: Our fuel cans are built to endure the toughest construction environments. Crafted from high-grade materials, they resist corrosion, impacts, and wear, ensuring longevity even in the harshest conditions.

Safety First: Wavian’s commitment to safety is unwavering. Our fuel cans feature advanced safety mechanisms, including secure sealing systems and robust handles, to prevent leaks, spills, and accidents on the construction site.

Regulatory Compliance: Wavian exceeds industry standards, providing fuel cans that meet or exceed stringent regulatory requirements. Construction sites can trust our cans to comply with safety and environmental regulations, ensuring a secure and compliant fuel storage solution.

Smart Design: Engineered with construction professionals in mind, Wavian fuel cans boast user-friendly designs. From easy-grip handles to precise pour spouts, our cans enhance efficiency while minimising the risk of fuel wastage or mishaps.

You can see the full range of Site Cans HERE. For additional information on these steel fuel cans or any other products in our range call 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net.

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