10 Litre ‘Site’ Fuel Cans now available

We realise that our customers love the Wavian brand for its sheer quality and reliability. It’s a fact that we receive very few returns and our customers are some of the happiest out there. In fact you can read reviews from verified buyers HERE to see just how much they love our products.

We also understand that there are many considerations to be made when purchasing a fuel can. What do you need it for? Will it be used every day? Does it need to survive the rigours of transportation or the outside elements. All these things can contribute to the decision making when purchasing a new fuel can.

Of course another aspect to purchasing a fuel can is the price. Wavian Fuel cans are the best of the best, but for customers who are working to a smaller budget, a few years ago we introduced ’20 litre Site Cans’. Site Cans are not manufactured by Wavian, but they do have a very similar specification to our Wavian Cans at a slightly lower cost. We call them ‘Site’ Cans as they are an ideal workhorse for the building site.

Recently we’ve seen these ‘Site Cans’ becoming more popular and so we now have in stock a range of 10 Litre Site Cans. Available in 3 colours, red, green and black the cans are shaped differently to our 10 Litre Wavian Fuel Can, and are in fact more closely in common with our 20 litre Wavian fuel can shape.

Red Site Can 10 Litre
Green Site Can 10 Litre
Black Site Can 10 Litre

You can see the full range of Site Cans HERE. For additional information on these steel fuel cans or any other products in our range call 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net.

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