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Discover Our New Stainless Steel Fuel Can Accessories


We’re always on the lookout for products that might be useful to our customers and over the years we have sold many thousands of high-quality stainless steel fuel cans. We call these particular ones our ‘US’ style fuel cans, possibly because they are reminiscent of the vintage American airstream caravans, one thing is for sure the fuel cans are very popular.

10-litre US style Stainless Steel Jerry Can with Screw Top + Spout
20-litre US style Stainless Steel Jerry Can with Screw Top + Spout

One issue that long-time users sometimes have is that they can lose the spout, cap or even the small air screw breather from the back of the can. Well, now all of these items are available to purchase separately directly from our website.

Advantages Of Fuel Can Spouts

Having a spout on a fuel can offer several advantages that contribute to ease of use, safety, and precision when handling and pouring fuel. Firstly, a well-designed spout facilitates controlled and directed pouring, minimising the risk of spills and splashes. This is especially crucial when refuelling vehicles, generators, or other equipment where precision is essential. The spout allows for a steady and targeted flow of fuel, reducing waste and ensuring that the intended receptacle receives the correct amount of fuel without unnecessary mess or overflow.

Secondly, a spout enhances user convenience by simplifying the fueling process. It eliminates the need for additional funnels or makeshift methods, streamlining the transfer of fuel from the can to the intended container or fuel tank. This is particularly valuable in outdoor and emergencies where efficiency is paramount. Additionally, modern fuel can spouts often come with safety features such as self-venting mechanisms or child-resistant designs, adding an extra layer of protection during use. In summary, the inclusion of a well-engineered spout on a fuel can significantly improve the overall user experience, making fuel handling more efficient, safer, and less prone to accidents or wastage.

Fuel Cap Spouts

Advantages Of Spare Fuel Can Caps

The inclusion of a high-quality cap on Fuel Can provide essential benefits in terms of safety, preservation, and environmental impact. Firstly, a secure and tightly fitting cap acts as a crucial seal, preventing the escape of fuel vapours and minimising the risk of leaks or spills. This not only ensures the safety of the user but also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing the emission of harmful fumes. The cap plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the fuel inside, preventing contamination and evaporation, which is particularly important for long-term storage.

Moreover, a well-designed fuel can cap offers convenience and versatility. Many modern fuel caps come with features such as built-in pour spouts, vents, or even integrated fuel level indicators. These elements enhance the user experience by facilitating controlled pouring, reducing the need for additional accessories, and providing easy monitoring of fuel levels. Furthermore, caps often incorporate user-friendly designs such as easy-grip handles or tool-free opening mechanisms, making fuel can operation more straightforward. In essence, a quality fuel can cap not only safeguards the contents but also enhances the overall functionality and user-friendliness of the fuel can, making it an indispensable component for anyone dealing with the transportation and storage of flammable liquids.

Stainless steel fuel can with cap

Discover Quality Through Wavian

Should you have any questions about these items or any of our high-quality fuel cans and accessories please call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net and we will be happy to help.

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