Watch – Wavian Fuel Can Video Review

It’s always great to see other people putting our fuel cans to the test and this great video from respected YouTuber biblesnbarbells does a fantastic job of reviewing our classic 20 litre Wavian Fuel Can.

The can shown in the video is being used with our US spout. This is a special dry break spout required for US safety regulations and can be bought from our US distributor here

The video shows all the main features of the fuel can including it’s fast glug-free pour and safety pin. Watch the video below.

The ‘Wavian’ brand is respected all over the world for its high quality and reliability. Our steel fuel cans are generally considered to be the best you can buy and are also available in 5 litre and 10 litre sizes and in several colours including Khaki (green), Black, Yellow and Red. Have a look at the full range here >

We also sell a wide range of plastic fuel cans and accessories and work with many of our customers on a wholesale basis, supplying large numbers of fuel cans at a lower cost directly to them.

For more information on we can work with your company have a look at our wholesale page, call us on 01508 493 647 or email

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