Wavian Fuel Cans – as recommended by KombiLife

We’re always keen to support good causes and get involved with interesting projects and expeditions and when KombiLife wanted to upgrade their classic VW Camper Van we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show off one of our 20 Litre Fuel Cans with Holder.

The video demonstrates perfectly the flexibility in which the holder can be attached to a vehicle, either horizontally or vertically and the ability to lock the holder and keep the fuel can securely held within it is not only a great safety feature it also prevents unwanted attention from potential thieves.

Have a look at the video below, naturally it will start on their piece about our Wavian Fuel can and holder, but its also worth watching the video from the start too. The guys do an amazing job of making their VW Camper a real home from home, both inside and out.

You can read and watch more of their adventures on https://kombilife.com

For more info on our high quality Wavian Fuel Cans and accessories visit our online store here, or call us on sales@wavian.net or call 01508 493 647.

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