Wavian – A brand you can trust.

All over the world the Wavian brand is seen as the gold standard in fuel cans. We sell to customers in many  different countries and it is very, very uncommon for us to encounter any issues with the quality of our products. This is because of the strict manufacturing processes that are in place for every single Wavian Fuel Can and accessory that is sent out. 

Wavian Fuel Cans ready for painting

Cans are stress tested at regular intervals to ensure they pass all safety and durability standards with flying colours and because of all the rigorous quality control stages when your fuel can arrives we know it will be in tip top condition. Please note when your new fuel can does arrive, if it is a bayonet style can it is not uncommon for the lid to be a little but stiff. This is not a fault with the can (the safety pin is also meant to be slightly bent, see our video below on how to attach a fuel can spout to a fuel can ) and after a few times the lid will become easier to use. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we invite every customer to give us feedback once they have had a chance to use the product. We are partnered with a review site that gives genuine customer feedback on all the products. You can find these reviews directly on the product page. If you prefer you can also see all of these reviews directly on the review website here > 

You can also click on the badge below. 

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If you have any enquiries regarding any aspect of our fuel cans or if you would like a price for a bulk order, please email sales@wavian.net or call 01508 493 647 and we will be delighted to help. 

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