Save Money on Wavian Multipacks

When it comes to storing fuel, having the right container is essential for safety and convenience. That’s why buying a pack of four steel fuel cans, like this special offer from Wavian, is a smart choice.

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One of the main advantages of these fuel cans is their high quality construction. Made from steel, they are built to be more robust than cheaper alternatives on the market. They also feature a wider breather pipe and a corrosion-resistant lining, which means they will last longer and be less likely to leak.

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In addition, these fuel cans have a number of unique features that set them apart from others on the market. The powder-coated rust-resistant exterior paint and interior Rezol enamel lining work together to prevent rust, while the leak-proof bayonet cap with locking pin ensures that the fuel stays inside the can and does not leak. The extra wide breather valve also allows for a fast, smooth pour.

These fuel cans are suitable for the storage of petrol and diesel, but should not be used for water storage. With a 20-litre capacity, which is equivalent to approximately 4.39 gallons, they are the perfect size for storing fuel in a garage or shed. They also come with a FREE black flexible spout, making it even easier to pour the fuel where it is needed.

In terms of weight and dimensions, these fuel cans weigh 4.3kg and have a height of 470mm, a length of 165mm, and a width of 345mm. These dimensions make them easy to store and transport.

Buying a pack of four steel fuel cans (either screw top or bayonet) is always a smart choice. The high quality construction, unique features, and included flexible spout make these fuel cans a reliable, cost-effective and convenient option.

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