Rosie Rowett & Wavian Fuel Cans

We are proud to be associated with Rosie Rowett in her endeavours in the ACU British Enduro Championship and World Championship ladies class and as part of that support we were delighted to supply Rosie with some of our world famous 10 & 20 Litre Wavian screw top fuel cans (as pictured below). We’ve also given her one of our brand new 2 litre fuel cans to get her vital feedback on as we believe these excellent cans can be particularly useful to motorbike riders or for people who need an emergency supply, but only have limited space.

It’s a tough and challenging competition and Rosie’s dedication is an inspiration to all. We wish Rosie all the success in her races this year and think she has an amazing future in the sport.

Rosie Rowett & Wavian Fuel Cans

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To purchase our brand new 2 litre fuel cans click here >

For more information about Rosie visit her Facebook page here

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