Ribbon and Beards Mongolia Rally

This week we were approached by Enrique, part of the “Ribbon and Beard” fundraising team, who will be embarking on the Mongolia Charity Rally in the next few weeks in a refurbished ambulance which they will be donating to Go Help, a charity which address the issues in Mongolia’s health system by donating emergency vehicles and supplies from the West.

The journey ranges a massive 10,000 miles, spanning mountain ranges, deserts and the barren steppes of Mongolia.

To make help make this trip possible, we will be donating two of our 20 Litre Wavian Jerry Cans, as fuel will be scarce and the opportunities to top up will be far between! Once they reach the capital Ulaanbaatar, the Jerry Cans will be donated to Go Help, along with the ambulance.

You can help support these guys too on their website www.ribbonandbeard.com, or by sharing their mission and giving support on Twitter (@ribbonandbeard) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/ribbonandbeard.)

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