Swiss Link rebuilding after Campfire in Paradise, Cali

When the huge ‘Camp Fire’ took hold of Northern California back in November 2018, it was a disaster on so many levels. Apart from the tragic loss of life (we now know 83 people lost their lives), the once thriving and bustling community of Paradise was all but wiped out in the space of 24hrs.

19,336 buildings and structures were destroyed, including over 10,000 homes. The cost to repair and rebuild the damage will runs into many billions of dollars. Our official Wavian distributor Maurice Huffman from Swiss Link not only lost his house in the fire, but their offices and warehouse was also burnt to the ground (see below).

Swiss Links former warehouse

As you can see from the photos the once full warehouse was reduced to a smouldering pile of ashes. Maurice and the team at Swiss Link also lost all of their stock of fuel cans and other items in the fire. If you look closely at the photos you can see how many of the fuel cans have expanded due to the intense heat.

Damaged by fire – Wavian fuel can

In Paradise, the rebuilding process will take many years, but Swiss Link decided from day one they would overcome all obstacles and immediately set about rebuilding their business from the ground up. With a new storage space down the road in Chico they’ve restocked our fuel cans and are already sending them all over the States to their customers.

Bouncing back!
New Swiss Link Warehouse in Chico
Miles Huffman & friend at the old warehouse (before Campfire)

If you have an enquiry about our fuel cans and are based in the USA, you can contact Swiss Link directly on 530 872 4988 ext 201 or visit their new website For all other International enquiries regarding all our products, including our high quality Wavian Fuel Cans email us on or call +44 1508 493 647.

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