Product of the Week – CEMO 60 Litre Fuel Trolley

The CEMO 60 Litre Fuel Trolley is the professional choice for customers looking to keep a small fleet of vehicles, boats or aircraft refuelled in a safe and convenient way. Renowned for the quality of their products, German manufacturer CEMO are the premier manufacturer of Fuel trolleys in the world and we are proud to be an approved supplier of theirs.

This 60 litre Cemo Fuel Trolley with electric pump has the following features.

• Suitable for use under ADR • Constructed from high density electrically conductive polyethylene to eliminate static
• Filling Cap with integral breather valve
• Delivery Hose with stop valve
• 240mm diameter pneumatic tyres, air filled, all-terrain
• 2.7 metre delivery hose
• Internal Baffle
• Integral Nozzle Holder
• Moulded recesses for strapping during transport

Capacity: 95 litres (20.8 gallons) Weight: 22kg Dimensions 90 x 53 x 38 (cm)
Our product code for this item is CE10508 (Electric Pump).

This item is currently in stock and available for immediate dispatch priced at £1,032.00 (Ex Tax: £860.00)

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