Product of the week: 5 Litre Plastic Fuel Can

AS the UK’s largest wholesale supplier of high quality Steel fuel cans you might be forgiven for thinking that our focus is mainly geared towards those kinds of products. In fact we also sell a LOT of plastic fuel cans too.

Obviously when it comes to a plastic can you want something that is going to last a long time and have a decent thickness so if you keep it in the car it doesn’t smell the place out with fuel.

We came across these 5 litre Plastic Fuel Cans from Hunersdorff and were really impressed by their high quality. Hunersdorff have a reputation for manufacturing tough and strong fuel cans that sell really well in Germany where they are manufactured and all across Europe.

5 litre plastic fuel can in green
5 litre plastic fuel can in green

The fuel cans we are focusing on today are currently available in 4 colours, Green, Clear, Red & Black. We can offer them at a reduced price if you are looking to by them in pack of 3, 5 or 10. If you are interested in purchasing a large amount of the cans we can give you an even better price.

Additional information.
Comes supplied with an integrated spout. A notable and unique feature of these fuel cans are the child safety screw tops. Like a medicine bottle it prevents the can being opened by young hands and is an excellent safety feature. The 5 litre plastic fuel can is tested to the highest standards and fulfils the highest safety requirements.
TÜV-tested production and E10 suitable and UN certificated.
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Product Specifications
Size: depth:147mm width:265mm height:247mm
Colour: green
Weight: 0.472kg
EAN: 4007228704976
Manufacturer: hünersdorf

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