Precision Stainless Steel Measure Cans

Precision Stainless Steel Measure Cans

We’ve always been known as THE place for high quality steel Jerry Cans and now we’re proud to be expanding our range to incorporate 3 new high precision stainless steel laboratory / measuring cans. Made from 304 stainless steel the cans incorporate a measuring scale (in mm)the cans are available in 5 litre10 litre and 20 litre. The cans are suitable for use with many liquids including diesel, oil, biodiesel, petrol & AdBlue®.

As an additional feature we can also have the cans officially calibrated by weights and measures, should this be a requirement. Please not this requires an extended delivery time of 14 approx 14 days.

Stainless Steel Fuel Cans
Stainless Steel Precision Measuring Cans

Each can is also available to purchase with a smart stainless steel carry case for easy transportation (pictured).

Please see below information on
5 Litre Stainless Steel Measure Can
£335.99 Ex Tax: £279.99
(M05AWM) Weights & Measures Calibrated Can (+£144.00)
(TM05CASE) Carry case for use with 5L test measure (+£160.73)

10 Litre Stainless Steel Measure Can
£351.23 Ex Tax: £292.69
(TM10CASE) Carry case for 10L test measure can (+£160.73)
(TM10AWM) 10L Weights &Measures calibrated can (+£137.26)

20 Litre Stainless Steel Measure Can
£366.61 Ex Tax: £305.51
(TM20AWM) 20L Weights &Measures calibrated (+£136.73)
(TMCASE) Carry Case (+£142.64)

We also supply a wide range of regular (also very high quality) Stainless Steel Jerry Cans, to see the whole range visit our Stainless Steel Jerry Can section.

*Prices correct as of 12th May 2017
Please note all  precision stainless are available with FREE delivery. 
Special offer – use the code JERRY5 at the checkout for £5 off all orders over £50 – limited time offer ends soon! 

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