Introducing Multipacks

When our customers speak, we listen. Due to the high cost of sending out single plastic fuel cans as singles we decided (due to popular demand) to create ‘Multipacks’.

By purchasing in larger amounts it allows us to greatly reduce the price of some of our plastic fuel cans and containers. Some products are available in packs of 3,5 and 10 and some are available in minimum order quantities of 10 and over. Have a look at some of these products below – to see our entire range of ‘multipacks’ visit our page here >

Wavian Quality

This allows us to still offer the same great range of high quality fuel cans and plastic containers alongside our flagship range of high quality Wavian Steel fuel cans. We always recommend using a steel fuel can for fuel and when it comes to craftsmanship, quality and value for money the Wavian brand of fuel cans are second to none. For more information on Wavian Quality visit our webpage here and have a look at the videos such as ‘How to tell the difference between a good fuel can and a bad fuel can’. 

Site Cans

Sometimes our customers are looking for a steel fuel can that will perform well ‘on site’ but they don’t want to pay the small amount of extra money for a Wavian Fuel Can. Again we have found a great solution for these customers. Our site cans are a good, solid all round steel fuel can available in only green or black and available in packs of 4. By offering the cans in packs we can reduce the price down to be competitive with other steel fuel cans of a much lesser quality.  Please not our regular Wavian spouts will not fit this can, you can order a spout that fits here

These cans are available to purchase following the links below or by clicking here

In the coming months we will highlight some of the individual products in our ‘multipack’ range and highlight some of the outstanding features of these containers. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality fuel cans, containers and accessories and as a hugely successful wholesaler with here and in the United States we will always be happy to quote for larger amounts of these items. 

For more info contact us on 01508 493 647 or email

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